BigCommerce for B2B Businesses launches

BigCommerce for B2B Businesses launches

BigCommerce has announced the roll out of BigCommerce for B2B. As the name suggests, it’s software suite that’s tailored for business-to-business retailers who want to sell their products online. BigCommerce for B2B is aimed at wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors.

The new ecommerce software solution is the result of BigCommerce partnering with the B2B solutions of Apruve, Brightpearl, Bundle B2B, Nextopia, PunchOut2Go and ShipperHQ.

“Together with these partners, BigCommerce for B2B extends our native functionality with scalable, enterprise-level ecommerce tools for established brands operating within the more traditional B2B verticals”, Maryann Bekkedahl of BigCommerce commented. According to her, this demonstrates the company’s commitment to understanding their business-to-business merchants.

Receive payments within 24 hours

By partnering with Apruve, BigCommerce for B2B can offer merchants the ability to offer net terms to their buyers and receive payments within 24 hours. With the help of Brightpearl, BigCommerce merchants can now automate their operations make data-driven decisions.

Enterprise-level B2B functionalities

The partnership with Bundle B2B gives merchants enterprise-level B2B functionalities, while Nextopia leverages machine learning to provide a consumer-grade shopping experience for B2B buyers in real-time.

Order purchases and shipping rates

Partner PunchOut2Go automates B2B order purchases and supports many e-procurement integrations. And the integration of shipping management system ShipperHQ gives BigCommerce B2B merchants the option to handle most complex B2B shipping challenges.


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