receives Climate Neutral Certification receives Climate Neutral Certification is the first ecommerce company to receive a Climate Neutral Certification. This certificate is given out by Dutch consultant Climate Neutral Group. However, the company’s Co2-reductions do not account for thousands of partner sellers.

Climate Neutral Group maps the Co2-emissions of companies in order to reduce and compensate. Over 30 million Dutch brands received the certificate already.

From fulfillment center to doorstep

Together with the consultancy firm, has calculated its own emissions and set reduction goals in line with the Paris agreement. According to the online retailer, emissions from the moment an item enters the fulfillment center up to the customer’s doorstep are taken into account.

This includes fulfillment centers, offices and server locations.

This includes fulfillment centers, offices and server locations. The emissions from suppliers and manufacturers are not part of the valuation.

Packing machine and green energy

The largest online store in the Netherlands and Belgium says it will reduce emissions as much as possible. The remainder will be compensated via Climate Neutral Group. mentions Co2-reduction examples such as smart packing machines and buildings that run on green energy only.

Emissions from 49 thousand partner sellers

A large part of’s emissions come from its 49 thousand partner sellers. Together they account for more than half of the company’s revenues. Thirty percent of merchants use’s packing machines and buildings.

Thirty percent of merchants use’s sustainable packing machines and buildings.

According to the company, operational emissions from third party sellers were estimated. This exhaust was only compensated.

The Co2-reductions therefore do not account for thousands of partner sellers on the platform. The share of merchants is only expected to grow in the future.



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