Bolt launches food delivery service

Bolt launches food delivery service

Transportation platform Bolt (previously known as Taxify) has launched a food delivery service. The first city where this will be active is Tallinn, but according to the company more cities in Europe will follow soon.

In March of this year, Taxify rebranded as Bolt as it wanted to expand its services beyond private cars. Now it has announced the launch of Bolt Food, its own food delivery service.

First stop: Tallinn

The company, with its headquarters in Estonia, launches the service in Tallinn, but will expand to more cities in Europe over the next twelve weeks, including Latvia and Lithuania. “Next year will see a further burst of global launches across Europe and Africa”, the company explains.

The launch of Bolt Food is just the company’s latest expansion into new transportation services. It already offers ride-hailing and electric scooter rentals. And now, customers in Tallin can order deliveries from over 80 restaurants in the city center, while more restaurants will be added over the coming months.

‘Food delivery was popular request for quite some time’

“Our ride-hailing business is built on the twin pillars of efficiency and offering drivers and passengers alike the best deal on the market. We’re eager to bring this mindset to food delivery and offer a lower price of delivery compared to other platforms while making sure our couriers get the best support”, Jevgeni Kabanov, Chief Product Officer at Bolt, commented. “We have more than 25 million people around the world using Bolt and food delivery has been a popular request for quite some time.”

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