Ecommerce software Pakk launches in Europe

Ecommerce software Pakk launches in Europe

Pakk, an ecommerce software provider from Estonia, has officially launched. The software-as-a-service platform was in development since 2019 but is now available to small businesses in Europe. The company wants to provide a true “all-commerce” platform at prices any small business can afford.

Pakk claims to be the first affordable end-to-end platform for running a business and online store without the cost and headache of enterprise-level software. “Until now, businesses looking for a single piece of software to run their entire business stack, including stock control, accounting, demand planning and online stores, were limited to a handful of enterprise offerings with prohibitively high monthly fees”, the company says.

Founded after struggles with the software

The Estonian company was founded by developer Jonathan Pincas, who had been running a small food important company for 15 years. “We always struggled with our software platform. Our company was managing lots of products, stock going in and out, lots of complex workflows, and we wanted that to be all in sync with our online store. Without enterprise level ERP software it was virtually impossible, but that software was just out of our reach.”

Monthly licensing fees start at 125 euros.

Pakk (the trading name of DogPakk OÜ, registered in Estonia, with founding partners in the UK and Spain) was in development since 2019, went into Alpha mode last year, Beta this year and now, Pincas’ previous company switched their entire operation over to Pakk. The software is built specifically for businesses that work with physical products, such as resellers, importers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. It integrates stock and inventory management, demand planning, accounting, customer management, order management, online-store creation, blog and content creation and more. Monthly licensing fees start at 125 euros.

Pakk has a definite opinion about online stores

Pakk differs from many other ecommerce software providers in that there are no plugins or add-ons needed. Many features online retailers need to run their business are built in the software. Another difference is that Pakk has a definite opinion about what an online store should look like and how it should function: “Clean, fast and incorporating every ecommerce best practice known to man. You specify your logo, font and accent color. That’s about it. There are no templates, no themes and no developers. Your site is ready to go in 5 minutes.”

There are no templates and no themes.

Pakk's ecommerce software running on different devices.
Pakk’s ecommerce software running on different devices.
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