Bpost charges additional euro during holiday peak

Bpost charges additional euro during holiday peak

During the year-end holiday season, Belgian postal company Bpost will charge online sellers an extra euro to send packages. The company claims that this is to compensate additional costs during this busy period. It runs from Black Friday, this year on November 24th, until Christmas Day.

Very busy in sorting centers

According to Belgian logistics company Bpost, the holiday season is always a busy time in sorting centers. It is also busy on the road, at post offices, pickup points and the delivery of parcels. To compensate for the additional costs incurred during this period and encourage demand outside of this period, “a surcharge of 1 euro per parcel will be charged to all customers for the delivery of parcels in Belgium during the year-end peak,” the company stated.

Unizo not pleased with decision

Unizo is not pleased. “Small businesses will suffer”, it said. The union for independent entrepreneurs thinks it is quite disgraceful, according to chairman Danny van Assche. “Compare it to a store on the weekend, when it is busier at the bakery and butchers. Well, their prices do not go up either. In fact, they generate more revenue by not doing that. Bpost should even be offering discounts.”

“According to Unizo, small businesses will be particularly affected.”

According to Unizo, small businesses will be particularly affected. “Entrepreneurs already have to compete with large international online stores. Price is a crucial factor in this competition. Bigger online stores can negotiate deals with Bpost and other suppliers to lower prices. So, it is the smaller businesses that will be hit the hardest.”

More expensive stamps in 2024

After the year-end period, the new year will traditionally bring a number of price increases, including at Bpost. As of January 1, 2024, the non-priority stamp will cost 1.46 euros each instead of 1.30 euros. The priority stamp will cost 2.27 euros each instead of 2.17 euros.

The average costs for all domestic postal products will be approximately 4,6 percent in 2024. If inflation rises more than expected, rates may increase by an additional 3 percent during 2024.



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