menu relaunches as online department store

Swiss ecommerce company has ditched its focus on consumer electronics after a total relaunch of its online shop. has now become an online department store that sells a wide range of products, from electronics and household items to DIY and supermarket goods.


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After a relatively short beta period of just a few weeks, the online retailer launched the next generation of its online shopping platform. Instead of focusing solely on computers, notebooks and accessories, the online retailer is more and more turning into the Swiss answer to Amazon.

More product categories added

In the previous version of the online store, the main focus was still on electronics, but now in the current version it’s been reduced to just one single menu item, “IT & Multimedia”. Next to it are now product categories such as “Household & Living”, “DIY & Hobby”, “Supermarket and Drugstores”, “Family & Baby” and “Sport & Leisure”.

With the completely new, there are currently two major wide-ranging retailers, as Galaxus is another online department store from Switzerland. And similar to, Galaxus also has its roots in electronics.

The new website of Swiss ecommerce player
The new website of Swiss ecommerce player