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Migros, the largest retailer in Switzerland, has launched a completely new website. The new design and optimized user experience are part of an effort to make the retailer accessible on all devices. The technical realization was built on Magnolia, a Swiss content management platform. Continue reading

New look for Dutch online store

Dutch ecommerce company

The Dutch online store has made some big changes to its design, in order to be ready “for the future”. The redesign is not something that came out of nowhere, as the ecommerce site was already renovating its site design. Last year it started with the first few tests and two months ago the site navigation changed completely. will also release its own mobile apps later this year. Continue reading

New Groupon UK site introduces merchant pages

Groupon today has announced it’s overhauling its UK website and mobile apps, in order to transform from a daily deal site into an online marketplace. The redesigned website, with new search, browse and location features, has already launched in the US last year, but is now also live in the UK. The merchant pages have to pull more visitors to the website. Continue reading