Briqpay raises 2 million euros

Briqpay raises 2 million euros

Briqpay, a Swedish company that offers solutions for B2B payments, has just closed a seed round of 2 million euros. The funding round was led by Swedish private equity firm eEquity. With the help of this money, Briqpay wants to become the leading B2B payment supplier.

Almost a year ago, Briqpay announced the launch of its checkout solution B2B Payment System, together with the closing of a pre-seed round in which it raised over 600,000 euros. And today, it’s announcing the closing of a round co-led by eEquity, Mantle Advise, 31 Atlantic with participation from others.

Briqpay was founded by former Klarna employees

Briqpay was founded by by Mats Andersson, Sara Johansson and Björn Widerström in 2020. They all come from a background of working in ecommerce in fintech, with all three of them having previously worked for Klarna.

It makes B2B ecommerce sales more accessible.

The company from Sweden provides solutions to enable and make B2B ecommerce sales more accessible. Currently, it offers two solutions: B2B Payment System and B2B Registration Form. With this offer, Briqpay want to give merchants full control of the entire customer journey, from creating an account to the checkout and analyzing the data in the back office.

“We are driven by seamlessness and scalability in digital disruption for new verticals, looking at the B2B market that is more than double the size of the B2C market. That is why we see a huge potential in Briqpay, their solution gives online retailers a lot of new possibilities”, says Patrik Hedelin, Managing Partner at eEquity.


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