Brits sitting on €2.7 billion of unreturned goods bought online

Brits sitting on €2.7 billion of unreturned goods bought online

Online shoppers in the United Kingdom are sitting on 2.4 billion pounds (2.74 billion euros) of unreturned goods they have purchased through the internet. Returning these items has become harder with the lockdown restrictions in place.

According to over half (57 percent) of online shoppers in the United Kingdom, returning items bought online consumes time and has even become a hassle with the current lockdown restrictions. A smaller percentage, 45 percent to be precise, think retailers should make returning easier in the current circumstances.

188 euros tied up in items to return

This is according to a survey conducted by InPost. The research shows that people with unreturned goods have an average of about 188 euros tied up in unwanted items. On average, they own three items they bought but don’t want anymore. And 51 percent of people with these kinds of items, say they have accumulated more items to return over the course of the January lockdown than they would typically have.

Respondents want retailers to be clearer about their returns policies. And they should also offer longer returns windows. Three out of ten shoppers in the survey said retailers should even issue refunds more quickly during the current circumstances.

“Respondents also say they are now more likely to check how long they have to send a parcel back to the retailer and how many options retailers offer for returning items when making purchases”, InPost writes. “All of which underlines that returns can be a valuable, if often overlooked, opportunity for retailers to build goodwill with customers, if they can make these easier while restrictions remain. ”

Returns can be a valuable opportunity for retailers to build goodwill with customers.

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