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Car marketplace CarSpring launches in the UK

CarSpring has launched in the United Kingdom. This new online marketplace offers a solution for people who want to buy and sell pre-owned cars. But it’s not only that, the startup also wants to take over all the unpopular side effects of car buying: from paperwork to transportation. For example, CarSpring delivers the ordered car right onto the customer’s doorstep.

CarSpring is one of the many, many ecommerce companies that’s backed up by Rocket Internet. But as far as we know, it’s the first service directed to car owners that’s been supported by the German incubator.

Sell your car in less than 60 days
The new service presents itself as a hassle free way to buy and sell cars. “No more hidden fees or waiting around for viewing appointments. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!”, CarSpring says on its website. “Our offers are better than market price and come with a comprehensive inspection”, the company explains. On the homepage it even showcases “sell your car in 60 days or less” as one of the company’s unique selling points. CarSpring also promises to process all the paperwork, so (potential) car owners can focus solely on buying or selling their car.


Selling and buying a car on CarSpring
People who want to sell their car can do this in four simple steps. They tell CarSpring about their car, they get a free inspection and valuation, the car gets listed online and the seller will get the cash in 60 days.

Consumers looking to buy a car can choose from several cars that are “200-point inspected” and certified by CarSpring, select a payment method and get their car delivered straight to their doorstep. They then are offered a 14 day test drive with a 1,000 mileage limit.

Rocket Internet copycatting again?
CarSpring isn’t the only car marketplace that tries to acts as the middleman between buyer ans seller. Earlier this year, a similar service called Roadster opened its virtual doors. It also delivers the car to the buyer’s door, but Roadster’s marketplace only features new cars. Other services that lets people buy and sell cars online are Beepi, Carlypso and Carvana.

It’s no news that companies that are backed up by Rocket Internet are often seen as copycats from other popular startups. Just take a look at Paymill (Stripe), Payleven (Square), Wimdu (Airbnb), MyCityDeal (Groupon), Easy Taxi (Uber), Glossybox (Birchbox), Hello Fresh (Blue Apron) and many more. But as Koen Thijssen from Rocket Internet puts it: “I admit we are not the most creative company on the web, but look at your local bakery shop. The guy that is running that didn’t invent making bread.”

CarSpring was founded in 2015 by Peter Baumgart and Maximilian Vollenbroich. The startup is currently active in London and surrounding areas.