CartBoss installed in 4,000 shops

CartBoss installed in 4,000 shops

Slovenian startup CartBoss, which offers automated abandoned cart text messages to online stores, is now installed in over 4,000 online shops. The company is a year and a half old, but already has over 500 customers. With new features coming out this year, it expects to continue growing its customer base.

Automated abandoned cart text messaging solution CartBoss was founded in march 2021 and has since then grown to 500 customers. It targets ecommerce businesses using ecommerce software companies WooCommerce or Shopify. Users have a range of daily orders from 10 to 15,000. With its plugin and API, customers can connect the solution to their online stores.

Customizable options

When an online shopper fills in their details in checkout, but then does not complete the order, stores connected to CartBoss automatically send these shoppers a text message to remind them about their cart. CartBoss has optimized its text messages to a standard template, which is available in 30 languages. The solution detects the language of the recipient and text messages are sent in the appropriate language.

CartBoss also offers post-purchase text and win-back messages to users.

All text messages include a link which leads the shopper back to checkout. CartBoss saves all contact information which was filled out, so the shopper does not need to fill it in again. Offered discounts are also automatically applied. In addition to abandoned cart texts, the company also offers post-purchase text messages and win-back messages.

User needs to navigate privacy regulations

Before sending these text messages, costumers of CartBoss need to get the consent of recipients. Users can set it up themselves. “But our plugin also has a pre-built checkbox to get your potential recipients’ consent”, explains Tadej Bogataj, Co-Founder of CartBoss.

Messages contain an unsubscribe button, in accordance with GDPR regulations.

To be in accordance with the GDPR regulations, all messages also contain an unsubscribe button. In order to get the best response rate, the solution has a do not disturb mode by default. Text messages will not be sent during the night, but are rescheduled for the next day.

New features

In addition to its existing features, the solution has recently launched its premium Brands feature, which gives brands the option to be more represented in the text messages. Customized sender ID and links should achieve this. The company already has plans to launch more features soon, such as review text messages, which enables consumers to easily post a review. It will also add newsletter text messages soon.



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