Web Retailer Award 2021 winners revealed

Web Retailer Award 2021 winners revealed

The winners of the largest ecommerce competition in the Adriatic region were revealed yesterday. In total, 412 online retailers from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia competed. The biggest winner of the evening was Slovenian Bigbang.

The Web Retailer Award show was organized by Jeftinije.hr, which is part of the Heureka Group, an online price-comparison shopping service. It was the seventh edition of the award show, and large and small webshops from the Adriatic region competed.

Committee of 84 experts

Winners were selected by an international evaluation committee, made up by as many as 84 ecommerce experts. Ecommerce News Europe was not included. Additionally, customer feedback and a technical analysis of the online shop were taken into consideration.

“We are glad that the number of online stores registered for the Web Retailer Award is growing from year to year, which is a clear signal that web retailers are interested in how well they are listed compared to others”, said Polona Stanovnik, head of marketing at Jeftinije.hr.

‘Consumers in the Adriatic region are increasingly skilled in online shopping.’

“The fact that they strive for progress and continuous improvement to offer their customers the best possible shopping experience is also extremely important. After a year of extraordinary circumstances for online shopping, consumers in the Adriatic region are increasingly demanding and skilled in online shopping, and such competitions can help online retailers achieve excellence and even greater success.”

Winners most prestigious awards

The biggest winner of the evening was Bigbang, who won the Adriatic Champion Award. The number 1 place in the Customer’s Choice Award category was won by Bijela-Tehnika and Papina. Below is a list of the winners of the most prestigious regional awards:

3rd Customer’s Choice Award Fabuspot, Ichf-style
2nd Customer’s Choice Award Klimakoncept, Aforum
1st Customer’s Choice Award Bijela-Tehnika, Papina
Web Challenger Award Mobis
Web Champion Award Malizakladi, Bigbang, Mamino
Committee Award Hajdi, Popolnapostava, Emmezeta
Adriatic Champion Award Bigbang

Winners individual categories

Within the individual categories, the best were:

Clothing & footwear Woolf, Papina, Psfashion
Fashion accessories Argentum, Aforum
Sport Gymbeam.hr and Gymbeam.si
Web shopping malls Mall, Bigbang
Specialised stores & services Glazbena-kutija, Hitrinakup, Mamino
Automotive Gumenadom
Consumer tech Mobis, Igabiba
Home & Garden Klimakoncept, Paketko
Furniture Namjestaj, Pohistvo
Kids Malizakladi.hr, Malizakladi.si
Food & Beverage Spar
Health & Beauty Lijepa, Spleticna
Healthy diet and nutritional supplements Malinca, Vitalabo
Pets Pethomeshop, Mrpet


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