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Ccinsight shows Covid-19’s impact on ecommerce

A new project, called Covid-19 Commerce Insight, shows the impact coronavirus Covid-19 has on ecommerce in Europe and the rest of the world. Every day, the tool shows new data at a global and regional level in multiple sectors.

The Covid-19 Commerce Insight initiative is a project from Emarsys and GoodData, who analyze a billion engagement and 400 million transactions to give better insight in the impact of Covid-19 on ecommerce in Europe and further abroad.

The website provides both a global and regional picture of ecommerce activity and trends. “This is a key indicator of overall economic conditions in these unprecedented times”, they explain. The platform shows the number of online consumer transactions, order number, the average order value, types of items purchased and more.

In the UK, home appliances and gardening tools are rising

One of the changes for example that can be seen from the platform’s data, is that in the United Kingdom home appliances and gardening tools are seeing a significant rise today, while sportswear, yoga mats, board games and crafts equipment are also gaining in popularity.

“We’ve launched Ccinsight with the goal of putting up-to-date consumer data in the hands of business owners, economists and policy makers to help them by giving them the actionable insight they need to navigate this economic crisis”, Emarsys founder Hagai Hartman says.

The data can help people by giving them actionable insight.

Emarsys and GoodData are asking other data-driven businesses to help them shine a light on the impact of coronavirus, by collaborating and expanding the Ccinsight project.

The year-over-year growth rate of online transactions in Europe.
The year-over-year growth rate of online transactions in Europe.