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CDON stops selling books as Adlibris joins marketplace

Adlibris, the leading online bookstore in the Nordics, is partnering with CDON to sell books via the CDON Marketplace. As a result of this partnership, CDON will phase out its own assortment of books. Its current sales volume of books is in the range 21-27 million euros on an annual basis.

CDON is focusing more and more on its marketplace, which CEO Magnus Fredin calls the future of the company. According to, the marketplace has already attracted some big online retailers, such as German giant Conrad, who sell their products through the CDON Marketplace. And now there’s a deal with Adlibris, a very popular online bookstore which itself is evolving into an online department store.

Based on information from the press release by holding company Qliro Group, the cooperation between Adlibris and CDON is expected to be launched during the summer this year. “Our biggest subsidiary, CDON, is being transformed into the leading online marketplace in the Nordics and the partnership with Adlibris is an important milestone and further proof of concept of the future potential of CDON Marketplace”, says Paul Fischbein, the CEO of Qliro Group.

Strong development CDON Marketplace
CDON Marketplace showed strong development during last year, with a yearly growth of 54 percent. “As we continue to develop CDON Marketplace it is of course very exciting to be able to connect a strong merchant like Adlibris to CDON Marketplace. It is a big and important step for CDON to enter into a long term partnership with a leading player in one of our verticals and together develop the customer offer within books”, comments Magnus Fredin, CEO of CDON.

CDON's central warehouse in Borås, Sweden.
CDON’s central warehouse in Borås, Sweden.