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Chiquelle launches AR shopping app

Chiquelle launches AR shopping app

Fashion retailer Chiquelle has launched its augmented reality shopping app. The Swedish company’s latest app enables users to customize their own model and style it with fashion items sold by Chiquelle. Users can also add makeup and different hairstyles to the avatar.

The AR app wants to give customers the full fashion experience online. First, users need to make an avatar with their look and size, length and body type. They can then preview different styles in a variety of environments in AR mode. Users can save items and build their own digital closet, plan outfits and share looks with friends for instant feedback. To maximize the experience, users can also add makeup and different hairstyles to their AR avatar.

AR technology combined with fashion

All clothes and accessories that can be tried in the app are shoppable at Chiquelle’s online store. “This AR-technology combined with our fashion products gets customers to engage on social media platforms through a more personal and interactive experience”, Pouya Boland, CEO at Chiquelle, explains.

He says there are many choices when shopping fashion online, which could make it hard for consumers to make a purchase-decision. “Augmented reality overlays virtual content on top of a live camera-feed, which is a new and unique way to interact with fashion products.”

Already number 1 app in Sweden

The app is quite a success already. It has been the number 1 downloaded app in Sweden in the category Lifestyle yesterday and today. “We are very honoured and happy to be on the number 1 list of downloaded apps, within just half a day after launching it. This is a great and milestone for the entire company and brand, but also for our teams who worked on this project for a very long time”, Boland adds.



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