Chiquelle lets customers try outfits using AR

Chiquelle lets customers try outfits using AR

Fast-growing fashion brand Chiquelle is ready for the new fashion season and will introduce an augmented reality app to its customers in Europe. Together with tech company Figuratic, Chiquelle will launch a virtual shopping experience based on AR and 3D technologies.

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Pouya Boland, CEO at Chiquelle, told Ecommerce News Europe the app will go live just in time for the new fashion season, so somewhere in September. He also revealed that most articles will be available to try on using the AR app. “The app and technology will be connected to our latest collections online.”

Test clothes on own 3D avatar

According to the Swedish fashion retailer, its virtual fitting tool will be an innovative mobile application that allows users to test clothes and outfits virtually online from Chiquelle’s product catalog on their own customized 3D avatar, shaped after their own body and appearance.

Customers choose an avatar, based on their own measurements, body type and sizes and are then able to choose any clothes online to try it on, on their own avatar. “They can mix and match, create styles, share with friends and interact with the products from Chiquelle, saving their favorite outfits and purchased items to their own wardrobe to complete their personal style”, Boland explains.

‘More personal and interactive experience’

To offer this technology, Chiquelle, which expanded to several countries across Europe last year, has been partnering with tech company Figuratic, which combines both 3D and augmented reality. “This technology, combined with our fashion products, enables customers to engage on social media platforms through a more personal and interactive experience”, Boland adds.

‘Combination of AR and ecommerce will be huge’

The company from Sweden believes that AR in combination to ecommerce will become huge. “That’s why we are already using this technology together with Figuratic to make a difference in the European and Swedish ecommerce market.”


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