Chiquelle sends customs free to Norway

Chiquelle sends customs free to Norway

Online fashion retailer Chiquelle will soon send items customs free to its customers in Norway. The Swedish company was already active in its neighboring country, but until now Norwegian customers needed to pay a customs processing fee.

And that’s because Sweden is part of the European Union, while Norway isn’t. When Norwegian consumers buy products online from foreign EU-countries, they usually have to pay a customs processing fee, charged by the shipping agent.

Chiquelle is now investing more deeply into its expansion in Norway, by sending items customs free to its Norwegian customers. “We have been active in Norway for a couple of years with our dedicated website and market approach, Norwegian language and payment options, so we’re one step ahead. We already have experience in this market”, CEO Pouya Boland says.

Together with Bring, items will be shipped customs free

Thanks to a new partnership with logistics company Bring, Chiquelle is able to send customs free in Norway, which the company says is a “must”. During the last couple of years, the online retailer has seen the interest of the Norwegian market growing increasingly into Chiquelle’s fast-fashion approach.

‘Norway wants a fast-fashion player’

According to the online fashion retailer, the ecommerce market in Norway is asking for a fast-fashion player that launches the latest trends weekly, because there aren’t many local fashion brands in the Scandinivian country. “This has been a request and high demand from our customers, fans and followers on social media living in Norway”, Boland explains. “We are finally ready to ship to Norway with quick delivery times within a couple of weeks. We are now finalizing and preparing the launch.”

Norway is an important market for Chiquelle, which is active in several countries across Europe.

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