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Coolblue’s revenue grows by 55% during first semester of 2014

Coolblue, the Dutch ecommerce company famous for its dozens of online shops, has reported revenue growth of  55% during the first six months of 2014, a significant gain on its usual quarterly growth of about 40%. This revenue growth is something Coolblue didn’t expect. It used to think its revenue will grow to 300 million euros this year, but for now the forecast is changed into 350 million euros.


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The exact revenue reported during the first six months of this year is something Coolblue didn’t want to give away to the public, as the company doesn’t want to give its competitors too much information. According to Coolblue, for the tenth consecutive quarter the company’s revenue grew with more than 40 percent.

Obsessive focus on customer satisfaction
“This morning I saw our revenue (from the last six months) surpass the total revenue of 2012”, CEO and founder Pieter Zwart tells Twinkle. This growth is thanks to Coolblue’s ‘obsessive’ focus on customer satisfaction, Zwart believes. “Together with more than 700 Coolblue employees  we work very hard to achieve better results every single day. We are proud of the facts still more and more Dutch and Belgian consumers are discovering this, and even better, are becoming fans and they keep coming back.”

Last year, Coolblue reported a revenue of 248 million euros, which corresponded to a growth of 48% compared to 2012. Reason of that growth was, according to the Dutch company, because of word-of-mouth advertising. This year the growth is thanks to new online stores like and, its existing online stores and the seven physical stores the company has in The Netherlands and Belgium. A few months ago Zwart has made some comments about Coolblue entering a new market. Whenever and wherever that’s going to happen is still unknown to this date.

160 online stores
Coolblue was founded in 1999 and its uniqe selling point is that the company doesn’t facilitate only ONE online store, but 160(!) online stores. For example, the company has an online store selling computer monitors, an online store selling laptops, an online store selling trash bins, et cetera.