Czech fashion store Zoot launches in Romania

Czech fashion store Zoot launches in Romania

Online fashion retailer Zoot from the Czech Republic launched an ecommerce website in Romania. The entry on the Romanian market happens after an investment of about 8 million euros which Zoot wants to use to expand across the country. Zoot makes it possible for customers to order different sizes and colors and only pay for what suits them.

As Business Review Romania writes, Zoot also wants to serve customers in Romania with its so-called ‘happiness booths’. This concept is based on the possibility of ordering different sized and colors of the same model of clothing. The goods are delivered to the special dressing rooms, where a customer can try them on and pay only for the clothing that suits them. Zoot already has a happiness booth in downtown Bucharest, but is planning to open one more before the end of the year. A cross-country expansion is expected to start next year.

According to the online retailer, every order made on will be delivered for free to the happiness booths or at the desired address within 72 hours (48 hours if the address is in Bucharest). And if a customer decides to return a product, he can do this for free within the next 90 days.

Romania has high growth rate
Zoot decided to enter the Romanian market because of the potential this country has. “Romania is among the countries whose growth rate for the next five years is among the highest in Central and Eastern Europe”, says CEO Ladislav Trpak. “Other determining factors were an already established production market and the local mobile and internet penetration rapid growth.”

About Zoot
Zoot was founded in 2010 and is present in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It recorded 18 million euros in revenue last year and this year it expects to hit the €21.5 million mark. For the Romanian market it expects to achieve a turnover of 10 million euros in its first year. Zoot has a portfolio of about 250 brands, 250,000 products and 100,000 customers.

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