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Czech fashion store Zoot wins APEK E-commerce Award

Online fashion store has won the APEK E-commerce Award for the most innovative and original online store in the Czech Republic in the past year. The awards was handed out to the online retailer during the E-Business Forum, a conference organized by Czech ecommerce association APEK.


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Since 2014, the Czech association for electronic commerce, APEK, organizes an award show during its conference E-Business Forum. A professional jury will announce the winners of an award for the most innovative and original online store during the past year. This year, the winner is online fashion store

In previous years, the award was won by payment system operator Twisto and online supermarket The winner of this year’s edition will represent the Czech Republic at the European Global E-commerce Summit in Barcelona next year and compete for the European E-commerce Awards. “We believe that Zoot is unique on an European scale and thus will perfectly represent the Czech ecommerce at the European E-commerce Awards next year”, Jan Vetýška of APEK says.

About Zoot

Zoot, headquartered in Prague, was founded by marketing entrepreneurs Josef Havelka and Ladislav Trpák in 2010. Two years later, the retailer conducted a omnichannel strategy and opened its first Try&Buy stores. Last year, it launched operations in Romania and Slovakia and achieved record sales of 450 million euros.