Czech company Nulisec launches B2B marketplace

Czech company Nulisec launches B2B marketplace

The Czech company Nulisec has launched an online business-to-business marketplace for retailers. The platform started out as project to digitize the local wholesale business center in Prague, but turned into an online wholesale marketplace with thousands of businesses.

The company says that this year, with the outbreak of the coronavirus, it has become an essential tool for sales and procurement organizations within the fast-moving consumer goods sector.

The B2B solution actually consists of two parts: a marketplace and a storefront with several tools. The latter is free to set up and enables sellers to show their products and their brand. “They can make themselves visible to potential buyers who are not only looking for new suppliers but also new goods to expand their product offering”, CEO and cofounder Lukas Pham explains.

He says the storefront function is especially useful for brands that haven’t invested heavily in online marketing to B2B partners in the past.

It’s especially useful for brands that haven’t invested heavily in marketing in the past.

Actively submitting products to interested buyers

The second part, the online marketplace, enables sellers to actively submit their products to buyers. It enables these retailers to sell and market directly to businesses that showed a need for expanding their product range.  “We are practically giving sales organizations a tool that modernizes and digitizes their outreach activities”, Pham says.

Wholesale portal with which customers can place orders

He continues: “on the one hand, Nulisec increases top-line revenue for sellers by giving them a wholesale portal with which their customers can directly place orders, this is not only novel in the Czech market but also very much needed since most online portals are only directories. On the other hand, it gives purchasing departments a way to increase their deal flow. Brands will be more discoverable and can actively push their storefronts to purchasing teams.”

Brands can push their online storefronts to purchasing teams.

On the Nulisec marketplace, sellers can decide whether they want to do business with a buyer. They can submit their brand pages to a buyer’s profile, which is used for showing the buyer has an intention of receiving brand submissions. When a buyer wants to see prices from a supplier, the latter can decide whether to assign them prices or to reject the request.

Localized in Czech, English, and Vietnamese

The Nulisec marketplace is localized in Czech, English, and Vietnamese. According to the company, its platform is a great choice for brands and distributors that want to sell in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. “And because our founders have really good connections with the Vietnamese business community, Nulisec makes it a lot easier and cheaper for suppliers to enter that market compared to any other alternative.”

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