Delivery Hero launches Foodpanda app in Germany

Delivery Hero launches Foodpanda app in Germany

Delivery Hero has launched its delivery app in Germany. Under the brand Foondpanda, the app now covers four districts of the German capital of Berlin. The launch follows after testing the service and scaling it up gradually.

Delivery Hero has two subsidiaries in Germany: Foodpanda (acquired in 2016) and Pandamarkets. These two now cover parts of Berin with booth food delivery (Foodpanda) and quick commerce. The latter happens through partnerships with local stores as well as Delivery Hero’s own warehouses, called Pandamarkets.

Delivery Hero offers food delivery and quick commerce

“After testing the Foodpanda app for a few weeks, we are confident to deliver on our promise to introduce a superior service to the German market, bringing food delivery and quick commerce to local customers through one single app”, Niklas Östberg, CEO and co-founder of Delivery Hero, commented.

Delivery Hero wants to enter more cities in Germany.

He adds that the company looks forward to entering more cities in Germany and working together with local shops and restaurants. For now, Foodpanda is active in the districts of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, and Prenzlauer Berg, where also Pandamarkets will be opened to ensure an extra fast delivery of convenience items.

‘The Foodpanda app is a one-stop shop’

Delivery Hero presents the Foodpanda app as an one-stop shop. Customers in Berlin can use the app for all their daily needs. “From traditional restaurant food to quick commerce items such as groceries and household products.” In order to be able to do this, Foodpanda has onboarded a “large number” of local restaurants and stores to its platform.

Foodpanda wants to hire 500 people.

Artur Schreiber, CEO of Foodpanda Germany, explains how his team has been building the service from scratch in Berin. “We are thrilled to have entered partnerships with strong local vendors and restaurants, and are well on our way to hire 500 people across all functions, in addition to pickers for Pandamarkets and riders for Pandalogistics.

Further expansion in Germany

Later this year, somewhere during the fall, Foodpanda will expand in Germany to the cities of Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. And before the end of the year, the expansion will continue with more city launches.

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