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DHL builds 500 Packstations at Lidl stores

DHL builds 500 Packstations at Lidl stores

Deutsche Post DHL Group and Lidl have partnered up to make shopping more convenient. As a result of the partnership, about 500 DHL Packstations will be built at Lidl stores in Germany later this year.

DHL and Lidl not only say the “future-oriented cooperation” enables their customers to shop even more conveniently, they also say it shows that online and offline shopping don’t have to be a contradiction.

Picking up orders in the supermarket

With the approximately 500 DHL Packstations that will be built at Lidl stores across Germany, the supermarket customers can receive and send DHL parcels while shopping for groceries. In the Rhein-Neckar area, both partners are also testing the integration of pick-up options for shipments from the online shop of Lidl in around 80 branches of the famous grocer.

In the press release, the two parties state that their cooperation is one of the largest strategic partnerships of DHL with the retail sector. “The partnership will benefit all sides, and especially our customers, as 500 more DHL Packstations are built in easy-to-reach and attractive locations”, Martin Linde, sales manager of DHL Group’s German mail and parcel division, explains. He says the automated packing stations are becoming more and more popular, as they are easy to use and available 24/7.

3,700 DHL Packstations in Germany

The Deutsche Post DHL Group currently operates a network of 3,700 DHL Packstations and around 27,000 sales outlets. Over twelve million DHL customers in Germany have registered for the Packstation service.