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DHL Parcel considerably expands its service offer in Berlin

DHL Parcel is ready to turn Berlin into the parcel capital of Germany and even Europe. It will expand its service offer for parcel recipients by opening new Packstations, Parcel Shops and parcel box units for apartment buildings.

DHL states in a press release that the “unique pilot project” will lead to Berlin being the densest network of alternative delivery options in Germany and even across Europe. “Half of today’s parcel volumes in the capital will be handled via our automated solutions, such as DHL Packstations, DHL parcel boxes and DHL Parcel Shops”, the company writes.

Alternative types of delivery
According to Jürgen Gerdes, board member for Post – eCommerce – Parcel at Deutsche Post DHL Group, traditional forms of delivery (like home delivery or delivery to a neighbor of your choice) are increasingly reaching their limits. “That is why we have been developing alternative types of delivery for years now that are closely aligned with the lives and needs of online shoppers. With this one-of-a kind project in Berlin, we are laying a foundation for even greater flexibility, provided by an unprecedented number of permanently available automated collection points and acceptance counters.”

The pilot project means that the DHL Packstation delivery network will be significantly expanded in Berlin: from its current number of 180 units to 500 by the end of next year. That way up to 50,000 parcels per day can be processed. Also, parcel boxes for rental apartments and apartment buildings will be installed. By 2016, several of such units could be in place across the entire urban region of Berlin, DHL says.

And the third expansion element will come in the form of the DHL Parcel Shops. “With nearly 900 Parcel Shops and Deutsche Post retail outlets, Berlin has the densest collection network in Germany. Residents of Berlin today only have to go an average 360 meters to reach the closest DHL Parcel Shops. In the near future DHL Parcel will make these shops into places where customers can both send and pick up parcels.”

More improvements
Another part of the pilot project is that DHL Parcel will deliver shipments in Berlin more frequently on the preferred day as well as expand the selection of available time windows. Finally, DHL is experimenting with new crowdsourcing options such as taxi drivers and delivery services, so parcels can reach the recipients as quickly as possible, and it’s testing its own smartphone app for the first time in Germany.