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DPD Germany delivers parcels with three-wheelers

DPD Germany is using eight fully-electric tricycles for parcel delivery in city centers. In Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne the postal company is using so-called TRIPLs which should be able to drive right up to the front door of a customer without any problems.

This should not only save both time and driving distance, it’s also to reduce inner-city traffic. “Delivery in the city centers is one of the biggest challenges for parcel services”, Gerd Seber of DPD Germany explains. “Our TRIPLs make much faster progress on narrow and congested inner-city streets than our conventional delivery vans. The emission-free electric drive of the TRIPL also helps to conserve the environment.”

50 parcels in one tricycle

The postal company will use the tricycles on delivery rounds with a high stop density, where only one or two parcels are delivered per stop. According to the company, the three-wheeler can make more stops per hour in tight urban spaces than a conventional van. “The TRIPL really comes into its own when there are only short distances between stops.”

The TRIPL can transport up to 200 kilograms and 750 liters, which corresponds up to 50 smallish parcels. The driver may have to load up the tricycle with parcels several times.

Other companies using the TRIPL

In July of last year, Hermes started testing TRIPL trikes in Göttingen, while Dutch delivery service Byondo used the same electric vehicles for last mile deliveries in Amsterdam.

The so-called TRIPL, as used by DPD for inner-city deliveries.
The so-called TRIPL, as used by DPD for inner-city deliveries.