DPD introduces the mobile parcel label

DPD introduces the mobile parcel label

DPD has announced the introduction of its DPD Web Parcel, which is meant for occasional shippers who want to manage their affairs online. With the mobile QR code printing out labels is no longer necessary. DPD Web Parcel was announced last year but is now finally available for customers who ship with this international parcel delivery company.

With DPD Web Parcel consumers can create parcel labels whenever they like, even from their Facebook page. After selecting the right solution for their parcel shipping online, they can either print out the parcel label like they are used to or use the barcode they received. Payment happens on the portal, by direct debit or PayPal. After having generated the mobile parcel label, the shipper can then drop his parcel off at one of the 6,000 Pickup parcelshops that are located in Germany, or he can have it picked up from home. The mobile QR code shippers receive by using the app can be exported to Passbook (iOS) and PassWallet (Android).

DPD no longer the first in Germany with mobile parcel labels
As said, DPD announced the mobile parcel label already last year, when it said it will then be the first service provider on Germany’s parcel market to offer customers a digital parcel label. A claim, by the way, that was also made by parcel service provider Hermes in December last year. And meanwhile also GLS introduced an app that can be used for generating parcel labels online.

Last year, DPD’s CEO Boris Winkelmann explained the introduction of DPD Web Parcel by saying that printed paper is losing more and more of its role in our increasingly digitalized world. “The shipping of parcels is a lot more convenient and flexible if customers are not dependent on physical labels.” In Germany there are more smartphone users (40.4 million) than private households which have a printer (29.34 million), so this claim makes sense.

In 2014, DPD said that this modernized way of parcel shipping is especially convenient for small-scale shippers who sell goods on customer-to-customer platforms such as eBay. “We make web interfaces available which can be integrated directly into these portals. As a result users […] don’t even need to place a shipping order on the DPD websites. The entire shipping process can be initiated without leaving the individual e-commerce platform they are on.”


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