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Dragons’ Den’s investor launches ecommerce venture Brandpath

Entrepreneur Peter Jones, who is a panelist on Dragons’ Den and American Inventor, has combined several of his companies into one big international ecommerce venture. Brandpath is the new holding company for his firms Data Select, Expansys, DSNS and PJ Media. It’s an end-to-end solution which handles every step of the customer journey.

According to Mobile News it took Peter Jones six months to create the new holding company as well as a six-figure IT upgrade. But now the company is live, international expansions awaits. By combining the assets of Data Select (distribution), Expansys (ecommerce), DSNS (SIM’s) and PJ Media (IT solutions) Brandpath wants to become a “globally respected leader”.

End-to-end solutions provider
“At Brandpath, we take the products of leading brands and place them in the hands of customers – quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively, no matter where they are in the world”, it says on the website. “We are the only truly end-to-end solutions provider for global brands because we oversee every aspect of the customer lifecycle, from the factory floor to the customer’s door – and everywhere in between.”

BrandPath can help companies  with selling their products internationally, regardless of distance or currency. It helps its clients with product distribution, several online services and strategic solutions. They also offer a platform of ecommerce solutions that cover every aspect of transacting in a multi-channel environment.

Richard Daly, who’s the former CEO of Vodafone Egypt and Qatar, has been appointed as the CEO of Brandpath. He will be responsible for expanding the company internationally and according to Mobile News this plan is likely to include a central warehouse in Eastern Europe and have Africa and Asia as target markets.

About Peter Jones
Peter Jones is a British entrepreneur, who started with a computer business where he made PCs under his own brand. Later on, he would start many businesses or take them over. Since the start of Dragons’ Den in 2005, Jones serves as a panelist.