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Dutch flower subscription service Bloomon expands to Denmark

Bloomon, a Dutch company that sells fresh flowers online on a subscription basis, has expended its territory to Denmark. Now people of this Nordic country can choose between a small, medium or large bouquet of flowers and get it delivered to their homes weekly, every fortnight or monthly until they no longer want to use the service.


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Bloomon announced the expansion to Denmark in a press release [pdf] on its Danish website. Here it explains to potential customers how the online service works. “For us it’s essential to give the flowers the longest possible life, so the stylish bouquets (designed by flower stylist Anton van Duijn), are allowed to live out their full potential”, the company says.

From field to vase in one day
In order to do this properly, it cut off all “unnecessary middlemen” so the flowers get delivered directly from the field to the vase in one day. “During daytime or in the evening, depending on what suits you best”, Bloomon explains. Due to the very short production chain, Bloomon’s flowers are said to stay fresh for up two weeks.

With Bloomon, customers can only choose which size of bouquet they’d like: small, medium or big. They don’t get to say which flowers must be used, that’s something flower stylist Anton van Duijn does. The small bouquet will cost 229 Danish kroner (€31), the medium 279 kroner (€37) and the large one (€47).

About Bloomon
Bloomon was founded in Amsterdam in November 2014 and now sells flowers in four European countries: the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium. The goal is to have delivered one million bouquets before the summer of 2017.