Dutch omnichannel retailer TOM launches Spanish websites

Dutch omnichannel retailer TOM launches Spanish websites

Tom Omnichannel Management has launched Spanish versions of eleven of its online shops. The Dutch omnichannel ecommerce company says it now wants to focus even more on the international market.

The retailer thinks there’s a lot of potential in the Spanish-speaking market and wants to better serve customers in this market by offering most of its online shops in Spanish.

CEO Tom te Riele says that entering the Spanish market was a conscious choice. “We’ve done some extensive research into online search volumes and market potentials. Based on the results of this research, we decided to translate our web shops into Spanish. For Spanish speakers it’s now much easier to navigate through our websites and to place an order.”

TOM started as a small bike store

In addition to the Dutch version, TOM also has English, German and French versions of all of its online shops. The company started in 2005 with a small bike store in Tilburg, in the Southern part of the Netherlands. Since then, it grew to become a international cross-border ecommerce companies with fourteen different online shops, ten warehouses and a bike store that’s 1,000 square meters big.

TOM’s shops are also available in Dutch, English, German, and French.

Themed online shops

Through its themed online shops, TOM sells bicycles, car parts, toys, baby products, books, fitness items, outdoor products, home & garden, eyewear, party decorations, and pet items.

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