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Dutch online store Superwinkel expands to Germany, an online department store from the Netherlands, has expanded to Germany. Last month, the ecommerce company opened the digital doors of This is not the first time the retailer sells in Germany, as it has been selling products through Amazon Germany since October 2017.


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Selling products through was a way for Superwinkel to gain experience with selling online to German customers. Earlier this year, co-founder Roy Roes told Dutch magazine Twinkle that the company would prefer not to sell through Amazon. “We don’t believe in these types of marketplaces. If you take yourself seriously, you shouldn’t make your opponents, like these platforms, any stronger.”

Leave Amazon after launching own online store

He explained that Superwinkel joined Amazon to create volume and to learn from the German ecommerce industry. He also said they would soon launch a German version of their online store and they would then leave Amazon. is the company’s first standalone cross-border website. The online retailer also sells to customers in Belgium, but it uses the Dutch website to serve these customers. For the German website, it set up a German customer service and it made the platform multilinguistic. For now, only sells products in the categories Perfume, Cosmetics and Hair. But later on, more product categories will be added to the shop.

Also expanding to France and the UK

Superwinkel says that during the first month in Germany, Supershop has already accounted for 5 percent of the company’s total turnover. “That’s not a bad start, especially when you take into account that the German consumer still has to find his way to our online shop”, the company says. It has also revealed that it wants to expand to France and the United Kingdom in 2019.