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Dutch shoe retailer Floris van Bommel puts focus on Germany

Dutch shoe manufacturer Floris van Bommel was already active in Germany for several years now, but since last February it also has an online store in Germany. To grow further in the German ecommerce market, Floris van Bommel has now partnered with online marketing company Fingerspitzengefühl.


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At the beginning of this year, Floris van Bommel launched its new, both national and international, online stores. In Germany, the Dutch shoe brand was already active via retailers and physical brand stores. Since February it also has an online store in Germany, but “online is still a relatively unexplored area”, the company says.

By working together with online marketing company Fingerspitzengefühl this should change. The Dutch marketing company, headquartered in Berlin, is specialized in letting Dutch ecommerce companies grow in the German market.

New online strategy for Germany

“We sell our shoes for years in Germany, using the traditional retail channels. But intern research, which was acknowledged by Fingerspitzengefühl, shows that there is still lot of potential for us in the German ecommerce market”, CEO Reynier van Bommel explains. “Partly based on the good job we already did in Germany during the last couple of years, we have worked hard to come up with a new online strategy for this country. We want to fully use the potential the German market has to offer, both online and offline.”