Ebay cooperates with Shopify

Ebay cooperates with Shopify

From now on, Shopify retailers in Germany can now set up and sell their products directly on eBay from their Shopify account. This way, they can benefit from the major reach the online marketplace has in Germany and abroad.

eBay is the first online marketplace in Germany that cooperates with the Canada-based ecommerce software provider Shopify. The partnership leads to Shopify customers being able to post and share their products on eBay.de, which has over 18 million users in Germany alone.

“This way, dealers who have lost sales due to measures to combat the corona crisis can reach a new and significantly larger sales market”, the US ecommerce company explains.

Dealers hit by the corona crisis can reach a larger market now.

Automatically update products in eBay

The cooperation also ensures that Shopify users can synchronize and automatically update their products, including inventory information such as product titles and descriptions, product specifications, price and availability, with their eBay store.

Through an API-loaded central dashboard, sellers can also control the support of all channels, from the shop to their social media presence and the communication with eBay customers.

Additional sales market for many retailers

“eBay has been a partner of tens of thousands of small businesses and local retailers in Germany, for over 20 years now. Through the cooperation with Shopify, we can now offer many other retailers access to an additional sales market, especially in times that are so challenging for retailers”, Oliver Klinck, Chief Commercial Officer at eBay Germany, says.

He adds that in addition, new retailers can participate in eBay’s emergency aid program, pay no subscription fees for six months and no sales commission for three months.

‘Both sides benefit from the partnership’

Roman Rochel, responsible for international growth at Shopify Rochel, says both sides benefit from the partnership: “Shopify retailers have the opportunity to reach new customers and at the same time eBay customers benefit from new ideas and products.”

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