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eBay UK launches Local eBay

eBay has launched eBay Local in the United Kingdom. It gives website visitors the opportunity to buy from sellers who live nearby. This should make exchanging goods easier, as customers can pay with cash and collect the items within minutes of agreeing a purchase.

Local eBay primarily seems to be just for that: promoting the ease of ordering stuff from people who live nearby. Users can start their local search by entering the desired product category, the product they are looking for and the postcode. eBay then shows a Google Maps map with all the products pinned, showing the price, the name of the eBay seller and the distance from the postcode.

‘Pick up your goods from just around the corner’

“Make your buying and selling experience even easier with Local eBay and find the items you’re after – whether it’s home furniture, garden knick-knacks or even a caravan. Local eBay allows buyers and sellers to connect in an area local to them, making exchanging goods that little bit easier”, eBay explains on its website. “Whether you’re buying second-hand items or something practically brand new, you can pick up your goods from just around the corner.”

Local eBay