‘Ecommerce in Germany: €103.4 billion in 2020’

‘Ecommerce in Germany: €103.4 billion in 2020’

Ecommerce in Germany is expected to be worth 103.4 billion euros at the end of 2020. This would mean an increase of 10 percent, as the online retail industry was worth 94 billion euros last year.

Germany is one of the most mature ecommerce markets in Europe. In this country, 95 percent of the population is expected to be online this year. And consumer adoption of ecommerce has always been high. Last year, 84 percent of the online population bought something online. This year, a share of 85 percent is expected.

10 percent growth this year

This is shown in the latest Germany 2020 Ecommerce Country Report by RetailX. This study, which collected data from many other pieces of research, shows that German ecommerce is expected to grow 10 percent this year. If the forecast is true, ecommerce in Germany will be worth 103.4 billion euros at the end of this year.

Development of ecommerce in Germany (2013-2020)
The development of ecommerce in Germany (2013-2020).

Last year, the main drivers of online purchases were “direct delivery to my home” (said by 67 percent), followed by “available round the clock” (66 percent) and “more convenient way of shopping” (61 percent).

Laptop most used device for online shopping

RetailX’s study says that laptops are the most popular devices for online shopping, with 58 percent of online shoppers in Germany saying they have used one in the past twelve months. Almost half of the respondents (49 percent) used a smartphone, while 42 percent used the good old desktop PC for online shopping.

According to the research, clothing, and shoes are the most purchased products (58 percent) via mcommerce. The least popular are groceries (18 percent).

81% of businesses offer payment on account/invoice

When it comes to paying for the products ordered online, German consumers still prefer invoice. This is also shown by the fact that last year, 81 percent of businesses still offered payment on account/invoice.

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