Ecommerce Poland grew to €6.3bn in 2013

The ecommerce industry in Poland grew by 25 percent in 2013. It was worth 26 billion Polish zloty, or 6.3 billion euros, last year and is expected to grow to more than 22 billion euros in 2020. This is equal to a compound annual growth rate of approximately 19 percent. This is apparent from a study by market researcher PMR.

The forecast is that the share of ecommerce in the total retail market will be 10% by 2020, compared to 4% at the end of last year, as writes. The ecommerce market in Poland has increased twenty-five-fold over the last decade and is currently one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets in Europe. According to estimates of the Boston Consulting Group the number of internet users in Poland will increase to about 25 million by 2020, compared to 20 million last year. They will also spend about two hours online per day; nowadays it’s between 1 and 1,5 hours per day.

The survey also shows that Polish internet users are the world leaders in terms of participation and openness online as they are particularly eager to use search engines and are willing to share private information online.

The ecommerce industry in Poland will also develop further in part thanks to mobile technologies, as the number of smartphones in the Eastern European country will grow to 27 million this year, from 22 million last year, as study from PwC has shown. The number of tablets will probably grow to 4 million this year, which corresponds to a penetration of 9.7 percent (compared to 6% in 2013).

In February this year we wrote that the Polish ecommerce industry is about to exceed 7 billion euros this year and that total sales back then were about 5.9 billion euros.

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