‘Ecommerce in Portugal: €4.73 billion in 2017’

‘Ecommerce in Portugal: €4.73 billion in 2017’

Ecommerce in Portugal is estimated to increase by  over 12 percent this year, so total online sales of goods and services in the Southern European country could be worth 4.73 billion euros at the end of this year. That’s a nice growth compared to the 10.52 percent increase of last year.

All this money will be spent online by 3.4 million Portuguese shoppers. Last year, there were 3.1 million online shoppers in Portugal who spent 4.2 billion euros online. About two in three Portuguese shopped domestically and cross-border, while almost one in four shopped only cross-border.

This and more is shown in the Portugal Ecommerce Country 2017 report from the Ecommerce Foundation, which is filled with own data and statistics from others. For example, data by ACEPI shows that ‘Mobile & Electronics’ are the most popular online product category in Portugal. It’s followed by ‘Home furnishing, Art, Decoration’ and ‘Informatics’.

Most popular ecommerce websites in Portugal

And according to this same source, eBay was the leading online retailer in Portugal last year. Over half of the population (54 percent) used this website in 2016, followed by Amazon (38%) and Booking (35%). According to Lengow, the most popular ecommerce websites in Portugal are Zalando, IBS, eBay, Bon Prix, Salsa, Amazon, Euronics, Yoox, Fnac, Parfois and Ikea.

Popular ecommerce websites and online stores in Portugal

Online payment methods in Portugal

In Portugal, the preferred online payment method is credit card, but 1.3 million Portuguese also use the MB NET service, which generates temporary cards for online payments.

More interesting statistics about ecommerce in Portugal can be found on our country page.

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