Electronic Retailing Association joins EMOTA

Electronic Retailing Association joins EMOTA

European retail organization ERA Europe has joined EMOTA, the European Ecommerce and Omni-channel Trade Association. Normally, national ecommerce associations join EMOTA, the addition of ERA Europe should be seen more as a widening of EMOTA’s voice in Brussels.

The Electronic Retailing Association Europe, better known as ERA Europe is an association for the multi-channel home shopping industry. It’s meant for companies that offer products to consumers through audio visual presentation, the internet and other electronic media. Currently, ERA Europe represents about members in Europe and the Middle East.

The organization now joins the pan-European ecommerce association EMOTA. “This will provide our members with access to a number of benefits, including excellent connections in Brussels, vast knowledge and experience in the area of public affairs as well as specialized knowledge of the ecommerce sector”, says Julian Oberndörfer,  CEO at ERA Europe. According to him, their membership closes the missing link for the multi-channel home shopping industry. “We see a large overlap of business activities between ERA Europe and EMOTA which our member companies can enhance with their specialist expertise in sales via video, direct marketing, live TV channels and infomercials.”

‘Home shopping has many interests in common with ecommerce’

EMOTA also think the latest membership is a great fit. “We notice a convergence of various distribution channels and the home shopping industry is a successful, new distribution channel that has many interests in common with e-commerce.  We both address consumers off-premise and have similar issues in consumer protection, data privacy, parcel delivery, electronic payments and many others”, EMOTA’s secretary general Maurits Bruggink says.


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