European Commission launches Access2Markets portal

European Commission launches Access2Markets portal

The European Commission has launched the online portal Access2Markets. This tool offers information, tips and guidelines for companies engaged in international trade.

The executive arm of the European Union wants to simplify access to information, by better explaining trade agreements and helping companies make sure their products are eligible for duty discounts. That’s why it launched the new portal Access2Markets.

The EC wants to simplify access to information.

‘Extremely useful to SMEs’

The portal is meant for companies that are already active with cross-border ecommerce, but also for those that are just starting to explore opportunities abroad. “In particular, it will prove extremely useful to the SMEs, which not always have the necessary means to compete internationally or are not fully aware of the trade opportunities that the EU is making possible”, it writes.

Access2Markets is basically a combination of two formerly existing databases: the Market Access Data Base and the EU Trade Helpdesk. But now it’s a lot easier to look up the information product-by-product and country-by-country.

Practical information on all kinds of topics

On Access2Markets, you can find all practical information on topics such as tariffs, taxes at national and regional level, rules of origin – including a self-assessment tool called ROSA, product requirements, customs procedures and formalities, VAT/excise duties/sales taxes, trade barriers, and trade statistics by individual goods and country.


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