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eCommerce & Multichannel Excellence for Pharma

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eCommerce & Multichannel Excellence for Pharma

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Date: Thursday April 06 - Friday April 07 Location: Munich, Munich, Germany
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eCommerce & Multichannel Excellence for Pharma is is an event fully focused on the digitization of the pharmaceutical industry. This two-day event has a special focus on the multichannel model and developing B2B ecommerce as recipes for success.

The pharmaceutical industry has relied for many years on the traditional sales and marketing model, without taking enough advantage of ecommerce. But as the traditional channels become less accessible and practical, pharma companies are looking more towards multichannel models.

Now, multichannel marketing and ecommerce have a lot to offer for the industry, but according to TBM Evolution, the framework for adoption and implementation is still underdeveloped. Most pharma companies achieve a so-called readiness score of only 36 percent, a benchmarking study of Boston Consulting shows. This event should change this.

Attendees are able to hear from speakers of companies such as GSK, Teva, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, and Takeda. For more information please contact Raunak Singh.