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Date: Wednesday November 15 - Saturday November 18 Location: De Prodentfabriek, Amersfoort, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
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From 15 until 18 November, Dutch internet company Yireo organizes MageTestFest, an event that’s dedicated to Magento developers. This one-track conference has actually one subject and one subject only: testing.

The internationally focused event is all about testing, something that’s of great importance for clean coding. Over four days, subjects like TDD, BDD, DD and unit testing will be covered. Of course, the event also focuses on Magento 2, which is also aimed at testing. The long-awaited successor to Magento 1 includes unit tests for both PHP and JavaScript, and uses Dependency Injection and SRP, which allows you to write better tests in your own extensions. But because code is constantly evolving, your tests should evolve with it. And that’s why MageTestFest wants to give attendees the hands-on tips and underlying theory to get the most out of it.

MageTestFest is actually many things: a conference, a workshop and a hackathon. Attendees can decides for themselves which part of the event they want to join. The first days are filled with workshops, from Sebastian Bergmann and Mathias Verraes. The event day itself, on 17 November, will feature some speakers, tips and tricks, technology updates and more. The day ends with a diner and after-party. The day after, it’s Contribution Day where attendees will get help from Magento core developers.

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