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Fashion comparison tool StyleLounge expands to France and the Netherlands

Internet platform StyleLounge, which specializes in online price comparisons for fashion and lifestyle products, is expanding into other European countries. The Hamburg-based search engine is now also offering its services in France and the Netherlands.


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StyleLounge is a German startup that offers online price comparison for fashion and accessories. It’s now setting its first steps outsode of its home market. First, it expanded to France, but soon the Dutch website bent live so fashionista’s in the Netherlands can look for the best prices for the fashion items they want. But Stylelounge doesn’t only compare prices, availabilities and colors, it also shows visitors which stores have the best delivery times and shipping costs.

Soft launch in France and the Netherlands
According to Fashion United, StyleLounge has announced it will soft launch its dedicated websites in France and the Netherlands, so smaller, country-specific adaptations can be continually integrated. “At the start in France, more than 650,000 fashion items, shoes and accessories of different shops will be available on the French StyleLounge platform.” After the launch in Germany’s neighboring countries, it’s expected the company will also launch in other European countries later this year. An expansion to outside of Europe is also planned, as the company says in a job description: “At the moment, we are in the middle of cross-channel marketing expansion across Europe, the US and soon Brazil.”

In order to improve the popularity of the platform, StyleLounge is advertising heavily in Google and on Facebook, while in Germany it also experiments with advertising on TV.