Fitting tool EasySize expands to UK, Germany and France in 2016

Fitting tool EasySize expands to UK, Germany and France in 2016

EasySize, a Danish data-driven company that tries to solve the sizing and fitting issue in fashion ecommerce, has entered the Swedish market last month, but is already busy planning other launches. The company has announced it will expand to Europe’s three biggest ecommerce markets: the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

EasySize is not your average fitting solution for online fashion shops. It doesn’t work with advanced webcam tools or a smart app. It works with every online store, small or big, by using the data that they already have. Each online store contains large amounts of data of what their customers buy, return and don’t return. By reading and mapping this purchase behavior it’s possible to understand each single shopper’s style and fit and their preferences.

Last month, the Danish company announced it would go abroad, by launching in Sweden. The data-driven service is currently in a process of integration with a few Swedish retailers.  “It is not a secret that Swedish online shoppers are one of the most active in Europe and we are glad to present a sizing & fitting solution which will help them when shopping online”, founder and CEO Gulnaz Khusainova tells Ecommerce News. “Shops across Europe prefer our solution, because we don’t disturb the shopping experience and we provide a fit & size prediction for their customers based on hard-data, rather than personal opinions or/and measurements”, she says.

Example of EasySize

EasySize in Sweden, UK, France and Germany
EasySize started its first abroad business in Sweden, because its ecommerce market is one of the biggest and fastest growing in Europe. Online sales are estimated to grow by 11.7 percent in 2015 and reach 9.14 billion euros, representing 3.8 percent of total retail sales in the country, according to data from eMarketer. “But what’s more, online shoppers in the Nordics are generally very open towards innovations and new technologies”, Khusainova explains to us.

The launch in Sweden is live for a month now and the company is already thinking about and planning to launch in other European countries. And these are not the smallest. EasySize will expand to the United Kingdom, France and Germany next year.

Competitors of EasySize
There are several competitors in the market, like Virtusize, Bodi.Me, Fitiquette, Fitle Fit Analytics and Some use virtual fitting rooms, other use data, just like EasySize. But according to Khusainova none of the dozens of companies who are trying to solve the size issue, has actually solved it. “All of these companies use different approaches and base their solutions on body measurements, photos taken by users or clothes measurements. Our main goal is to provide a scalable solution, which can cover all products and brands in a shop. We also aim to simplify the process for online shoppers, so it doesn’t require any additional actions.”

Currently, customers using the EasySize tool spend just around 40 second to add a size of their favorite piece of clothing and get a recommend size. “More importantly it doesn’t distract them from shopping, our research shows that 61 percent of users end up buying the recommended size after using our tool”, she says.

With only 4 percent of year-on-year growth, fashion is one of the slowest growing online verticals. But Khusainova thinks the fashion industry has a lot to offer and she believes the percentage will change in the near future. Fashion technology companies, like ourselves, provide new products and services, which will help to enable buying fashion online more easily.”

About EasySize
EasySize was founded in 2013 by Gulnaz Khusainova, who is also the CEO of this Denmark-based company.


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