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German Chamber offers training for ecommerce managers

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dortmund has started a training for ecommerce managers. It’s one of the first in Germany to offer such a course. IHK Dortmund offers the training together with education provider Business Academy Ruhr.

Business Academy Ruhr already offered courses, seminars and workshops in the field of social media, online marketing and ecommerce, but in addition to the core courses, it now has also included courses for community managers, ecommerce managers and web video managers. In 100 hours and based on the IHK curriculum, students will learn the theory and practice of how a professional online store is created and maintained.

Training of ecommerce managers

On its information page it says that early on, the German Chamber of Commerce recognized the trend of ecommerce gaining more and more ground in the retail business and thus developed a “comprehensive curriculum for the training of ecommerce managers”. Based on this curriculum, Business Academy Ruhr partnered with IHK Dortmund and IHK Mittleres Ruhrgebiet to offer further education for ecommerce managers.

With the course, it wants to attract German individuals who want to build up new career prospects or who want to expand their existing knowledge with knowledge about online trading and ecommerce. It also wants to address entrepreneurs who want to develop or expand their online business, or who want to improve their skills in dealing with ecommerce providers.

The first course has already started and takes place until 1st of July, but more courses can be followed from 8 to 19 September and from 26 October to 28 January next year.