Over 50% of German online sales via marketplaces

Over 50% of German online sales via marketplaces

Last year, more than half of all online sales in Germany were generated on marketplaces. Additionally, 55 percent of online sales in that country were carried out on smartphones. This corresponds to almost 47 billion euros in sales.

These data come from the Online Monitor 2024, a report from Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE). Last year, the association predicted that ecommerce in Germany would reach 89.4 billion euros by the end of the year. This would be an increase of 5.8 percent compared to 2022.

Online revenue of 85 billion euros in 2023

The association has now corrected its sales data. It now estimates an online revenue total of 85 billion euros in 2023. This is a one percent increase compared to the year before. Almost 47 billion euros of that total came from online sales that were completed on smartphones.

‘We expect further normalization in online sales this year’

“Online trading was the sales boost for retail in Germany for many years. However, the high growth rates during the corona years make it difficult for the industry to keep raising the bar. We are therefore experiencing further normalization in online sales this year”, said Stephan Tromp, deputy managing director at HDE.

10% sales increase on marketplaces

According to the data, sales via online marketplaces accounted for over half of all online sales in Germany. This is a new record. This was made possible by a ten percent increase in turnover on marketplaces.

Earlier this year, HDE already called on German politics to be stricter towards cheap marketplaces from China. The association is now underlining that sentiment again, and fears that fair competition is at risk.

‘Anyone who offers goods in this country must adhere to all rules.’

“In regards to Temu, everyone is talking about the fact that a significant proportion of the goods ordered there do not meet our EU guidelines for pricing, website design, product safety, environmental protection or taxes – and does not comply with customs law. This cannot be a permanent situation. Anyone who offers goods in this country must adhere to all the rules. The authorities have to enforce this.”

Increase of 3.4% expected

The association has also included a forecast of German ecommerce for the current year. It expects a sales growth of 3.4 percent compared to 2023. The online share of German retail is expected to reach 13.1 percent this year.



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