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German consumers: Amazon is best online retailer

Amazon was voted as the best online retailer in Germany. Perfumery Douglas and shoe retailer Deichmann ranked second and third respectively. There are no pure online retailers to be found in the top ten, which is filled with the online stores of large retail chains.


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The survey was conducted by market research firm ServiceValue on behalf of Handelsblatt. It asked consumers what they thought was the best retailer in certain categories or industries. The question in the survey was: “If you look at all expectations and experiences during the past twelve months, how do you rate the following (online) retailer in relation to other (online) retailers in the same industry?” ServiceValue only asked customers who had actually purchased something at that particular dealer in the last twelve months.

Best online retailers in Germany

This is the top ten, according to a survey from Handelsblatt among German consumers:
1. Amazon
2. Douglas
3. Deichmann
4. Zalando
5. H&M
6. Eventim
7. Doc Moris
8. Obi
9. Jack Wolfskin
10. Jochen Schweizer

Best physical retailers in Germany

There is also a clear leader to be found in the ranking of best stationary retailers in Germany. In this category, drugstore Dm was named most frequently when asked about the best physical retailers. This is the top ten:
1. dm
2. Douglas
3. Fielmann
4. Ikea
5. Rossmann
6. Media Markt
7. Edeka
8. Rewe
9. Saturn
10. Kaufland

When you look at the rankings, it becomes clear the most popular merchants are large companies with well-known brands. “The brand is a key lever”, says Claus Dethloff, CEO of ServiceValue. “Market research has shown that the level of awareness always has an impact on the customer satisfaction.”