German ecommerce: top 5 accounts for 47% of top 100’s revenue

German ecommerce: top 5 accounts for 47% of top 100’s revenue

The five biggest ecommerce players in Germany account for almost half of all revenue generated by the 100 biggest online retailers. This significant share is generated by Amazon, Otto, Zalando, Media Markt, and Notebooksbilliger.

The statistic above is just a reminder how highly concentrated ecommerce in Germany really is. It all starts with the 1,000 biggest online stores, whose revenue is generated mostly by the top 100. And within this group, the big five are responsible for 47 percent. This corresponds to 17.5 billion euros.

The big five have a total revenue of €17.5 billion.

Top 5 of biggest online stores in Germany

This is shown by the study ‘E-Commerce Markt Deutschland’ by Statista and EHI Retail Institute. Based on their data, this is the top five of the biggest online retailers in Germany: 10.5 billion euros
Otto 3.4 billion euros
Zalando 1.6 billion euros
Media Markt 1.2 billion euros
Notebooksbilliger 0.9 billion

Distribution of revenue

To better get a grip of the highly concentrated ecommerce market in Germany, just check the image below. It shows the distribution of net revenue of the top 100 online stores in Germany.

Top 5 ecommerce in Germany
Source: ecommerceDB

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