German eyewear retailer Mister Spex launches in the Netherlands

German eyewear retailer Mister Spex launches in the Netherlands

Mister Spex has launched its service in the Netherlands. It’s just one of the many destinations the Berlin-based ecommerce company has planned throughout Europe. Aside from contact lenses, Mister Spex claims to offer the most comprehensive range of directly available designer glassed and sunglassed in Europe.

Mister Spex announced the expansion to the Netherlands on its own website, where the company explains it further increases its international activities and strengthens its positions as ‘Europe’s leading online eyewear retailer’. In March, Mister Spex also expanded to Switzerland and now, three months later, the next stop is the Netherlands. Dutch customers are able to speak to a specialized team that offers support in Dutch via a free hotline. The website is also for orders from Flanders, the northern and Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

‘Our experience will help us succeed in the Netherlands’
Mirko Caspar, who is the co-managing director of Mister Spex, thinks the company can grow hard in the Netherlands. “The market structure of our neighboring country is comparable to the one in Germany. We therefore feel comfortable, that our extensive experience in Germany will help us succeed in the Netherlands.” One way Mister Spex wants to achieve that success, is by launching a strong marketing campaign, which includes TV-commercials.

Shipping is free for all sunglasses, contact lenses and custom-made glasses. Customers can order up to four frames at the same time so they can try them on at home.