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Hermes Germany bets on delivery to parcel shops

Hermes Germany wants to expand the number of Hermes PaketShops in Germany from 15,000 to 20,000 during the next two years. The logistics company is betting on delivery to parcel shops and is aiming at a situation where a customer can reach the next collection point within five minutes.


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Hermes Germany wants to deliver less parcels to the front door and instead deliver them at their parcel shops throughout the country. That’s why the logistics company has announced plans to expand the number of Hermes PaketShops significantly by 2020.

Most of these PaketShops will be opened in large cities, so they can offer customers the shortest possible route to a pick-up point. And to achieve the widest possible network coverage, the company  also plans strategic partnerships with retail chains, Postal Technology International writes.

More parcels delivered with fewer trips

With the planned expansion, Hermes Germany wants to further simplify and boost the processing of deliveries. “Delivery at the front door is time-consuming, expensive and causes traffic and emissions”, says sales manager Thomas Horst. “Consolidated delivery to parcel shops, on the other hand, means that significantly more parcels can be delivered in less time with significantly fewer trips.” The company’s ideal is to have a network of PaketShops in which the customer doesn’t have to go more than five minutes to reach the next collection point.

All Hermes PaketShops will also get new scanner technology by this spring, which is intended to speed up and simplify on-site parcel processing.