H&M’s outlet brand Afound launches online on 14 June

H&M’s outlet brand Afound launches online on 14 June

Afound, H&M’s newest retail brand, has announced that it will open its online store on 14 June. On that day, the outlet brand will also open the doors of its physical store in Stockholm. Two days later, the Malmö store will open.

H&M is a very popular and well-known fashion store and brand, but the company is also actively looking to put new brands in the market. In March of last year, the Swedish company launched its label Arket, which opened online stores in 18 European countries at launch, and at the end of 2017, H&M launched /Nyden, a label focused on millennials.

Now it’s time for Afound, which is sometimes described as H&M’s outlet brand. “Some people might call us an outlet, but our vision is for the customer to experience a style and deal-hunting paradise”, creative director Mattias Ekberg explains.

‘Completely new shopping experience in exciting segment’

The online marketplace offers fashion and lifestyle items from popular brands, both external and H&M Group’s own labels, for men and women. Afound’s managing director, Fredrik Svartling, says the team behind the brand believes they can give their customers a completely new shopping experience in an exciting segment.

“We want to make it easy for our customers by being where they are, whether it’s digitally or in selected physical stores, and by offering a range tailored to local demand”, he says. “We will be offering a large number of attractive brands at really good prices.”

More physical stores later this year

Aside from the two stores Afound will open in Stockholm and Malmö this month, the company also want to open additional stores in Gothenburg, Skärholmen and Kristianstad later this year.

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