Honèstica sells only Spanish brands

Honèstica sells only Spanish brands

Honèstica is a new online shop from Spain, that only sells ethical and sustainable products that are made in Spain. It offers all kinds of products, from cosmetics and decorative items, to fashion, face masks and peach jam.

The ecommerce company’s aim is to bring products from small artisan businesses and respectful brands from Spain to consumers who relate to these values. The online platform was born “at a time when consuming consciously has ceased to be just a trend and has become a lifestyle”, TimeOut writes.

Made in Spain

Visitors of Honesticashop.com shouldn’t expect any major brands or firms when they browse the assortment, because it’s not about that, Honèstica emphasizes. “We focus on small producers, artisans, and brands with a soul whose business activity and manufacturing sites are located on Spanish ground. In this way, the philosophy of the project is based on defending local commerce and wanting to contribute to generating and strengthening the local economy on a national level”, it points out.

Visitors shouldn’t expect any major brands.

Promoting only national brands

Honèstia reminds of Storytalia, which promotes products made in Italy, and Italeen, which does basically the same.


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